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Fresh Produce at the Avila Valley Barn Among locals, a smile forms on the face when Avila Valley Barn is mentioned. It is a favorite spot to stop off and get ice cream on the way to or from Avila Beach, to buy the freshest fruit and vegetables grown locally, pick up a bakery treat or gift item, or just to take the kids to visit our farm pets or go for a hay ride and pick fresh produce for the first time.

Tourists have also discovered our warm and welcoming vine-covered arbor and barns nestled amongst the hills of Avila Valley. Its inviting atmosphere, which hails back to simpler times, will call you back again and again. Avila Valley Barn is NOW open year-round and has a lot of different stuff to offer throughout it the seasons.

Things you will find at the Avila Valley Barn

Lots of Fresh Produce, Seasonal Gifts, Holidays Activities, U-Pick Fruits, Ice Cream, Pies, Baked Treats, Sorbet, Lots of Candy, and Fudge, Fresh Baked Items, Locally made items, Decorations, Toys, Souvenirs, and lots more!

Avila Valley Barn Deli & Sweets Come check out the newly remodeled Deli & Sweets Shop at the Avila Valley Barn!

It has both indoor and outdoor seating and is open for lunch and an early dinner. The deli has many specialty sandwiches, paninis, salads, soups, hot dogs, kids menu, and on the weekends they fire up the BBQ and serve amazing Tri-Tip & Pulled Pork Sandwiches. After lunch enjoy many different kinds of candy, homemade ice cream, fudge, truffles and more! Phone orders call 805-627-1440

The Avila Valley Barn is a very special place to us and a lot of people here on the Central Coast. Here are some of the photos I have taken while spending time with my family at the barn. If you would like to share any of your photos or memories with us, please email me at

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