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Nestled in a beautiful valley with the ocean at its front door and rolling hills at its back, Avila Beach is the perfect setting for families and/or couples wishing to get away from the busy world. This tranquil enclave can be accessed by road or trail, both of which follow a meandering stream.

View from the rocks around Avila BeachSharing much of its history with the surrounding area in the southern San Luis Obispo County, Avila Beach was occupied by Chumash Indians for centuries. Spanish explorers entered the territory in 1542 but exploration did not take place for over 200 years, and actually began in the vicinity of Arroyo Grande. In 1848, California became a territory of the United States and San Luis Obispo County became one of California’s original 27 counties.  Rapid population growth occurred in Avila Beach in the late 1800’s due to the overland transport options available through the Southern Pacific Railroad line. In 1873 the Harford Wharf was constructed for trade and mail delivery. In 1876 the Marre Hotel was built in Port San Luis. These developments aided in creating the prime destination for rest and recreation in Avila Beach, a tradition that has continued to grow.

Now, this quaint town covers 1.3 square miles of land and is home to less than 1,000 people. Besides the homes, hotels, and small businesses adjacent to the beach, most of Avila Beach is undeveloped. The beach itself is only about a half a mile long and is protected from northwesterly winds by Point San Luis. This creates a warmer climate than other beaches on the central coast, averaging temperatures in the 70s during summer months.

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