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Local Artists & Photographers

Avila Beach has many very talented artists and photographers that visit here a lot. Some live here, some visit every day, and some just occasionally but they all have something amazing to share. Here are some of the ones we think you will enjoy. Most of them have contributed to our website or Facebook page. If you are a local artist or photographer and would like to contribute to our website, please contact us or connect with us over on our Facebook page.

Local Artists

Colleen Gnos

Gay Sullivan

Local Photographers

Jay Olson Photography

Lance Kinney

Dann Graham

Cabe Creative Photography

John Patrick Images

Vincent Shay Photography

Mark Gvazdinskas (Silent G Photography)

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Please use our website as a guide only. Dates, times, prices, and other info can be changed by the businesses at anytime and we might not be notified. Make sure to check with the business on any details listed here before making any permanent plans. Please feel free to email us with any questions. Thank you!
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