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Current Status: The Avila Beach Pier is closed. You can still walk out over the water but the whole end section of the pier is closed. A non-profit, The Friends of the Avila Pier has been formed and will overseas the raising of funds and the repair of the pier. Learn more at

Avila Beach Pier was first constructed in 1908 by the county of San Luis Obispo but because it was not well protected, it sustained major storm damage throughout the years and was constantly repaired after each event. President Teddy Roosevelt sent the American Navy’s “The Great White Fleet” on a worldwide diplomatic mission of peace, which included 20 port calls on six countries. On April 30, 1908, “The Great White Fleet” anchored offshore at Avila Beach. This event drew over two thousand local residents and businesses and schools were closed. Now, Avila Beach Pier is 1,685 feet long and is intended for tourist strolling as well as recreational fishing. It extends out from the center of the actual beach of Avila Beach and is surrounded by beach goers most months of the year.

under side of the Avila PierAvila Beach Pier is only one of three piers in Avila Beach. The Harford Pier was developed in 1873 by John Harford for shipping into San Luis Obispo before the train came. It was also used by smugglers at nighttime for illegal movement of liquor. Now, the Harford Pier is used for fishing, restaurants and commercial fishing. The California Polytechnic State University Pier is located between the Avila Beach Pier and the Harford Pier and was donated by Unocal in 2001. The pier became an educational/marine research facility and part of the universities marine research program but unfortunately is not publicly accessible.

"Imagine 360 degrees of salt water surrounding your every move, the summer sun kissing your skin and the oceans' breeze dancing all around you. Visit the Avila Beach Pier and you will experience this euphoria." - Avila Beach Mermaid

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